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Bringing Pets to North Cyprus

Many British residents who plan to move to Northern Cyprus to find their new home there may feel rather disconsolate to say goodbye to their fluffies that have become devoted members of a family. Although bringing pets to Northern Cyprus feels like a complicated procedure, there are many who experienced this with having no problems.

Requirements for bringing pets from the UK to North Cyprus:

1.Export Health Certificate issued by UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

This certificate accompanies all dogs and cats being exported from the UK . To get an application form contact the Animal Health Divisional Office (AHDO) that covers your area. After returning it they will send out a certificate to your nominated "official veterinarian" to complete the certification. 

State Veterinary Service, UK

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

Address: 1A Page Street, London SW1P 4 PQ

Telephone: + 44 (0) 207 904 6000


Export Health Certificate can only be issued by an "official veterinarian". Your local AHDO will inform you on who they are.

2.Import License for North Cyprus

This licence is obtained from the North Cyprus Veterinary authorities and always accompanies the animal. You can get your Import License when you fax the following to Mr Dogan Pasa at the North Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Veterinary Services:

• Rabies Vaccination Certificate

• Rabies Diagnostic Test Report (blood test results)

• Details of your pet : name, breed, age, sex, colour

• Owner's name and fax number

Mr Dogan Pasa, Deputy Chief Veterinary Surgeon (speaks English)

Tel.: + 90 392 225 3751

Fax: + 90 392 225 2536

The Import License will be faxed back to you. This process takes at least a week.

3.Statutory Declaration

By this the owner declares that the animals are intended for export from the UK and have not been imported into the UK during the past six months.

The next four medical procedures that you need to complete can be carried out by any registered veterinary surgeon:

• Micro Chipping

Micro chipping is done at the same time as or before the rabies vaccination. It provides positive proof of your pet's identity and medical record.

• Rabies Vaccination

A rabies vaccination must be given not more than twelve months prior to export, and a Rabies Vaccination Certificate must be completed by the veterinary surgeon. Remember to arrange the vaccination early enough so that you have time to complete the rest of the procedures (a minimum of two months before your departure).

• Blood Test

Blood test must be done one month after the rabies vaccination. After passing the test, which proves the vaccination has given sufficient protection to your pet against rabies, a Rabies Diagnostic Test Report will be issued. You will wait at least a month for these results to come back. If your animal "fails" the test, both vaccination and test will have to be repeated.

• Examination by a Veterinary Surgeon 48 Hours Before Departure

The examination is required by the airline to confirm that your pet is fit to travel.

Travelling with pet

For bringing your pet to Northern Cyprus you will need to obtain a travel box, the size and construction of which must meet IATA standards ( For more information contact your airline referring to airfreight of your animal to North Cyprus Ercan Airport or the official veterinarian .

Quarantine in North Cyprus

A fter you bring your dog or cat into Northern Cyprus, it will have to go into quarantine for three to four weeks and this applies every time your pet re-enters the country. At Ercan Airport Customs they will contact Veterinary Department and your pet will be transported into Government run quarantine kennels on the outskirts of North Nicosia . You may accompany your pet to the kennels and settle them in. Owners are expected to be responsible for providing all food for their animals, check them regularly, and may need to clean out their pet's quarters themselves. Most owners visit the kennels daily. Dogs may be taken out for exercise within the quarantine area.


Besides the costs related to your animal documents in the UK (varied according to animal or location) and additional costs for travel box, copies, fax, phone calls etc, there are further charges that need to be covered. Approximate costs for bringing your pet to North Cyprus include following:

• Airport charge on arrival YTL 17

• Veterinary Department transport YTL 18

• Quarantine YTL 2 per day

Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)

Unfortunately North Cyprus can no longer participate in the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) after the 30th September 2004, following a ruling by the European Commission. All animals returning to the UK from Northern Cyprus therefore will be subject to six months quarantine.

Bringing Pets via South Cyprus

It is possible to transport your pet to North Cyprus via the South. Now that the south part of Cyprus Island is a member of the European Union, the entry requirements for animal import are included in the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). However, you need to check the latest laws as these can change without notice. For general information contact PETS Helpline 0870 241 1710 or check DEFRA website. An Import License for Northern Cyprus would still be required. It is illegal at this time of writing to take animals from North Cyprus into South Cyprus .

For more information about pets in North Cyprus contact:

Kyrenia Animal Rescue Society

Address: PO Box 450, Kyrenia, Mersin 10, Turkey

Helpline/Fax: (0) 392 815 3390


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