North Cyprus
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North Cyprus Cousine - Main Dishes


Lalangi is a delicious recipe from the traditional Turkish Cypriot kitchen. This particular dish can be served either as a main course or as a hot. Now, by following the instructions you can learn how to win your loved on heads through their taste-buds.


A quarter of a wild rabit
3 glasses of flour
Half a teaspoon of salt
A pinch of black pepper
A pinch of cumin Rabbit stock


Roil the rabbit well until the meat easily separates from the bone. Once removed from the boiling water shred the rabbit meat. Then, add the meat to a dough, which you will have prepared previously using the stock from the boiled rabbit The dough and the rabbit meat should be well mixed and salt, pepper and cumin added.

Now leave the dough to rise. Once risen, take an amount of the dough in your hand and squeeze it from your fist through circle made by your thumb and forefinger As the dough squirts from your fist scoop it with a soupspoon into balls a little smaller than ping-pong balls and throw them into hot oil to deep fry When ready remove from the oil using a perforated ladle and serve either hot or cold.

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