North Cyprus
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North Cyprus Museums - Nicosia

The Guzelyurt Museum (The Archeology and Nature Museum)

The current museum building, used as the Metropolit building before the 1974 period, houses the cultural objects found throughout Cyprus and the area. The building was opened after the necessary restoration was completed. The Nature section situated on the lower floor displays a collection of died animals, consisting of birds, fist, snakes, foxes, lambs and tortoise etc. which are sued for educational purposes. The upper floor of the museum, houses the Archeology Section the archeological pieces are displayed in chronological order. In the corner of the first room, there is a display of material cultural remains belonging to the Neolithic era, the people the Neolithic era being the first known inhabitants of Cyprus. In this room there are also displays from the Bronze age (old ages, middle ages and late ages). In the second and third rooms there is an artificial display from the Tunba Tu Skuru settlement. To prevent damage to the partially excavated settlement site, North of the Ovroz river, the area has been closed to visitors. The remaining two rooms of the museum hold findings belonging to the Geometric, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantinian periods. The most interesting finding in the museum is the Efes Artemis sculpture, found by coincidence near the Salamis area.


North Cyprus Museums

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