North Cyprus
Today is Saturday, 15th December 2018

North Cyprus Kyrenia

Anthipanitis Church

The church is part of an old monastery. Its architectural style is not common in Cyprus. The dome is supported by octagonally arranged circular columns. It is a good example of Gothic masonry. Its entrance was added in the 15th century. Some of the frescoes that have survived are original, some were made in the 15th century. In the original frescoes, Mary is portrayed between the Archangel Gabriel and Mikhail, holding a child on her chest. In some frescoes, Gabriel, St. Anthony and the baptizing scene, St. Eudoksia and St. Paul are portrayed. In the painting on the ceiling which depicts the preparation of the throne, Christ is portrayed in a medallion circled with angels, with Mary on one side, John the Baptist on the other. The twelve apostles and the prophets are also present.

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