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Liner Pools Specialist

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20 Temmuz Cad, Seytanpir Plaza, Alsancak Kyrenia North Cyprus
Headquarter: Kyrenia

Phone No: 0392.8213108
Fax No: 0392.8213108
Mobile No: +90533-8760066




Swimming Pools: Introducing a new technology to North Cyprus
Desjoyaux of France Liner Pools Specialist of TRNC based in Alsancak.

We are offering a unique opportunity to create pools any shape any size, our system waves goodbye to the old system and welcomes in the new.
This system has no balance tank, pump room, pipes, ground jets or channels, it allows you to maximize your pool size to its full potential.
Our system is bacteria free as we use a liner system, We use a durable reinforced plastic to create the shape you require.
Our system recycles its water through a new pump system making it very low maintenance, no need to keep ordering tankers of water.
Our system uses 50% less power saving you allot of money, all pools come as standard with a built in massage centre and full cleaning kit, when it comes to vacuuming the floor of the pool simply plug the hose into the filter and vacuum, the water simply comes through the filter and back into the pool, the water quality is between 10-15 microns which is like the quality of drinking water, a normal pool system is around 35 microns.
Our system is covered with a 10 year guarantee construction time takes 7-14 days maximum, further to this if you have any problems which is very rare we will be there to solve it within 24hrs.
You can also add your personal logo to the bottom of your pool as an extra

For your inquiries please dont hesitate to contact us.

20 Temmuz Caddesi,Seytanpir Plaza No:4,Alsancak Cyprus
Office No: 0.3928213108 GSM:0533-8760066

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