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Extend Broadband Ltd

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Semih Sancar Sokak No.20 F
Headquarter: Kyrenia

Phone No: (0392) 228 89 92 - 228 89 39
Fax No:
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xtend Braodband is an Internet Service Provide in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus. Extend Braodband provide you with high speed data where no telephone lines are available throughout North Cyprus Kyrenia. The communication ?black-out? areas are not contained to rural or mountainous hideaways in Kyrenia. With innovative technologies Extend Braodband can provide your home with a 24/7 connection to the Internet.

Extend Braodband provide you with the Internet in Northern Cyprus by connecting your premises to one of their strategically located all over Kyrenia base stations which.

Extend Braodband manufactures its own antennas, customer premises equipment and base stations. This not only drastically reduces total cost of ownership but makes maintenance quick and adaptability to unusual scenarios possible.

The dial-up market faces yet another challenge that over product does not- the infamous ?busy tone? or dropped call. Extend Braodband is always on since clients are an extension of a LAN, in the traditional TCP/IP sense.

UPS Batteries and power regulators have been installed at base stations so that subscribes can enjoy internet even while there is a power cut. North Cyprus struggles with frequent power cuts that often last more than two hours.

Wireless Internet Access

* high speed
* no phone line needed
* flat rate
* secure
* lifetime guarantee
* services

Extend Braodband Product Details
The product offering Extend Braodband has can be broken down in to three distinct parts.

* Infrastructure (?backbone? including base stations)
* Clients Premises Equipment (CPE)
* Network Operations Centre.

Installation of the CPE takes between 1-2 hours. In the case that you lives in a building with a prior installation, a hub is added, and another cable is dangled to the new client. Currently up to 32 clients can share a single CPE.

The installation of the product is faster by three years compared to the local telephone company in Northern Cyprus and six months compared to established competitors. The speed of the product itself is something that has never been witness in North Cyprus before.

The size of the CPE has been reduced by 2 m3 and has fewer parts than the 1st phases, which makes it cheaper to build, and easier to manufacture and maintain. The backbone has only two types of radios in secure, strategic locations in Kyrenia.

Principles of operation
Internet service providers across the globe are benchmarked in well established ways as far as the end user is concerned. The parameters that we have internalized reflect the priorities of the Extend Braodband network, its customers (depending of service level agreement [SLA]) and the local environment. Namely, the items that concern Extend Braodband as an ISP are:
Uptime (measured in weeks or months)

* Downtime:
o Network
o Individual base station
o Backhaul connection
o Recovery via redundant systems
o Client Premises Equipment
o Last mile
o Host machine peripherals
* Consistency of speed (as per SLA)
* Email
o Loss
o Spam
o Virus
* Network intrusion
* Backups, Logs, caching and proxying as imposed by local authorities.

In the case of downtime the response priorities in terms of operations, issue escalation, trouble ticket processing, reporting and accounting are clearly defined and printed in a company handbook.

Customer Service Branch Offices:

eXtend Broadband - Kyrenia
Semih Sancar Sokak No.20 F

eXtend Broadband - Nicosia
Mirata Apt No 1F
Osman Pasa Cad

eXtend Broadband - Famagusta
Kaymak Center, Unit 2A
Gulseren Kavsagi
Gazi Magosa
Tel. no.: + 90 392 444 2992

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