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Border Crossing between North and South Cyprus

In recent years the unification of the island or at least the idea of it has come much closer to being realty. As of 2003 the borders were opened and there has been a free flow of citizens from both parts of the island. People from both sides cross the border on a daily basis for shopping, tourism, business, etc. As they come in contact with one another there is always the possibility for acts of senseless violence, but, at the same time people come in closer contact with one another and this is the beginning of what fosters, healing understanding, and eventually peace.


Already sites such as have sprung up that foster peace and understanding through better communication and a sharing of ideas. In forums such as those people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds can come together to express their views on the Cyprus problem. Visit and chat with Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots online.

Relationship between Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots

This process has also allowed tourists to cross the border to get the whole island experience. In doing so, the people of the world also get a closer look at the two sides and they themselves can compare what they heard to what they see to be true. As a result of this they too can be taken out of the game of “they did this”. At the border tourists will get a form stamped and with that they will be allowed to cross to the south. Please note that the form will be stamped and not your passport. Also while nationals of most countries including E.U. countries and the U.S. may enter the South, countries that would otherwise be required to have a visa in order to enter by other ports may not cross the border. Restrictions for E.U. countries, the US, and others where lifted once the crossing was opened and Cyprus joined the E.U. Although some of the laws have not changed they are disregarded and for the most part there is free crossing. Restrictions are mostly held to 50 Cypriot Pounds worth of goods crossing to either side.

Crossing the border with a car

You may rent a car in the South and cross over to the North. On the other hand, when you rent a car in the North, you are not allowed to cross over the south. Only personally owned cars can cross over to the South (basically a car that is not a rental car or displaying the rental licence plates which are red). For your connivance there are also rental agencies near the crossing points so you may rent a car once you cross over. However, please note that insurance purchased from one side is not applicable to the other. So when you cross you will need to purchase insurance if you plan to drive on the other side.

Car insurance for the South Cyprus: 10 CYP per Month
Car insurance for the North Cyprus: 100 YTL / 40CYP per Year

10 YTL per 3 Days
15 YTL per 1 Month
20 YTL per 3 Months
30 YTL per 6 Months


All in all it seems that by opening the border the two sides may be coming together in terms of at least an acceptance of the other community. There will be talk, there might be some understanding, but most importantly there may be some dispelling of myths. Everybody knows that this is an island that is deeply rooted in mythological lore, but its people must look for some thing beyond the myths that abound. There must be action that is based on reality and not myth. Differences do exist between the two sides and no amount of uzo or raki will erase those differences. They must be aired and then maybe, maybe an acceptance, a trust, a respect will be established. Then and only then when the people of today are gone and their descendants look back may they wonder if it was a myth, what brave ancestors they had that reached across the divide and said take my hand for I trust you.

Border crossing points

There are currently 5 active checkpoints for crossing the green line in Cyprus. The last crossing point that was established was the Zohdia crossing that is located in Morphou.

Current active Green Line Crossing Checkpoints:

  • Agios Dometios (Nicosia)
    Which is also known as Metehan is considered the main crossing point between the two sides of Cyprus due to sheer volume of people that cross at this checkpoint. It is located in Nicosia and it is a checkpoint that handles the crossing of, pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and goods.
  • Black Knight (British Eastern Sovereign Base Area)
    Or also known as the Azios Nikolaos, Strovilia, or Akyar crossing is one of the two crossings points that are located in the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area. This crossing point allows for the movement of pedestrians, vehicles, and goods across the border in either direction.
  • Ledra Palace (Nicosia)
    This crossing point is strictly for pedestrians and cyclists. However, it is also used as a crossing point for diplomatic vehicles. This checkpoint is also known as the Ledra Palas crossing.
  • Pergamos (British Eastern Sovereign Base Area)
    This is one of the two checkpoints located in the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area. It is also known as, Beyarmudu, or Dhekelia. It can be used for the crossing of pedestrians, vehicles, and goods.
  • Zohdia (Güzelyurt)
    This crossing point may also be known as, Astromeritis, Morpho, Morfu, Güzelyurt, Omorfo, or Morfou. This was the last checkpoint to be opened, as it is located to the west of Nicosia. This checkpoint allows for the crossing of pedestrians, vehicles, and goods.

Note: In many cases these checkpoints have more than one name because they also take in to account the English, Greek, and Turkish names along with the names of the region or neighbouring villages.

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