North Cyprus
Today is Friday, 1st December 2023

North Cyprus Cousine - Desserts and Pastries

Turunc Macunu

(bitter oranges in syrup). Macun is old - fashioned, nationally loved sweet of Cyprus. Because of the sweetness it served with a glass of water.

Ceviz Macunu

(green walnuts in syrup), one of the favorite sweets in Cyprus which one can not find it easily in shops.


Katmer is a sort of dessert pide, wafer thin pastry dusted with sugar and cream.


Village bread with black olive, mint and onion.

Hellimli (Halloumi)

Almost same with Zeytinli, the only difference is instead of olive, Halloumi cheese is used.

Hellimli Borek

Fried pastry with helloumi cheese served with honey.


These golden, light bubbles that are bathed with thick honey (or syrup if preferred) as they emerge from the crackling cauldron of hot oil and served immediately, ...


(Yoghurt, Almond and Semolina Cake) ...


(Turkish Tortellini)

Ekmek Kadayifi

Ekmek Kadayifi is one of the popular sweets in Cyprus which looks like a syrup-soaked sponge.

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