North Cyprus
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North Cyprus Student Life

University life

Reaching the age of 17, students are eligible to attend the universities of Northern Cyprus and Turkey according to their achievement in the Government’s ÖSS examination or their results in IGCSE. Students that choose Higher Education in the UK either enter on a subject-specific university foundation course as a foreign student prior to a degree course, or they opt for studying of A levels for two years at a Sixth Form College in the UK.
Those wishing to attend the university in the USA are usually accepted at the age of 17, or they may transfer to a local university for one year before they start their degree in the USA.

With 5 universities country wide, North Cyprus houses students from more than 50 countries including United Kingdom, Germany, Sudan, Egypt and more.
So what is it like studying in North Cyprus?
Most countries of today suffer from pollution in many ways. Let it be sound or another type. Not only that, but educating and living in a big country / town can be quite frustrating. North Cyprus is a peaceful country with lots of sunshine to enjoy. Some of the universities are even 5 minutes away from the beautiful sandy beaches of the country, giving you something to do in your break times!. More information is available at our 'Student Life' section.


The clubs, their facilities and activities are all established and run by the students. Becoming involved in campus life is easy with the help of the clubs, which offer opportunities for students to explore new and existing cultural, educational and social interests. These clubs organise international seminars and conferences with the help of academic staff.

Bars Pubs and Clubs

Now what would you expect from an island standing in the middle of Mediterranean? Thats right when you are off campus, there are quite a number of places to hang out. Pints starting from approximately £1.50 most North Cyprus bars pubs and clubs offer extensive entertainment opportunities. Open air clubs next to beaches are great when you want to dance till the sun-rise and get down to the beach afterwards.

Festivals and Carnavals

All of the universites hold annual festivals to provide another means of entertainment. During this period, famous artists and singers as well as the students themselves organises concerts within the campuses.


Interested in water sports? well Northern Cyprus is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches where there are a lot of opportunities when it comes to water sports.

Other activities and sports

Paintball, bowling, football, basketball and many other activities are available. One sad point however, a disadvantage of living in a country with plenty of sun-shine is you will not be able to do snow-boarding.!

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