North Cyprus
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Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Government

The full name of North Cyprus is, “The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” or “T.R.N.C.”. In Turkish Northern Cyprus is known as “K.K.T.C.”, “Kuzey Kibris Türk Cumhuriyeti”). The Northern Cyprus government is composed of three separate entities which are the, Executive Branch, Assembly (Legislative Power), and the Judiciary Branch.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is composed of the President who is elected to a term of five years.
In order to become president one must be:

• Over the age of 30
• A resident of Northern Cyprus for at least 5 years
• A graduate of an institution of higher learning

If for any reason the President shall be unable to fulfil his or her duties as President the order of presidential succession states that the Speaker of the North Cyprus Republican Assembly will assume the post.

After the Northern Cyprus President is elected to office, the President appoints a Prime Minister whose job it is to form a government. Government defined as the Council of Ministers that the Prime Minister must choose. Once the Prime Minister comes up with a list of potential Ministers, the list is endorsed by the President, and then approved by the Assembly.


The legislative power lies with Assembly which is composed of 50 representatives that are voted into office by a popular vote every five years. Among the duties of these representatives are:

• Create, amend and annul laws.
• Watch over the Council of Ministers and Ministers.
• Discuss and endorse the budget.
• Discuss the declaring of war.
• Endorse and ratify international agreements.
• Endorse development plans.
• Discuss the grant of general and special amnesty.

The President of the Assembly is also next in line to succeed the President if the post is held vacant unexpectedly or for a long period of time.

Judiciary Branch

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has a supreme court which is the highest appellate court in the land. This court is composed of a president and seven judges. Besides the Supreme Court the other courts of Northern Cyprus are as follows:

• Assize Courts
• District Courts
• Family Courts

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