North Cyprus
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North Cyprus by Air

Ercan Airport

You can take a flight to North Cyprus from all over the world via Turkey. The only direct flight to North Cyprus Ercan is operated by private Azeri airline from Azerbaijan. England and other European countries provide you with frequent scheduled and charter flights leaving for Northern Cyprus. There are more than 90 flights per week arriving at North Cyprus' Ercan International Airport in the summer. If you wish to take a flight form UK to North Cyprus there are around 20 flights from these main airports: London, Stansted, Gatwick and Heathrow. Most of the flights arrive in the evening. Northern Cyprus has direct air links only from Turkey, where the planes from all over the Europe musCyprus - Visit Cyprus by Airt first land.

This stopover is due to the fact that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is not yet recognized as an independent country. It is therefore necessary to stop in one of the airports in Turkey when flying to the Ercan airport in Northern Cyprus.

The stopovers are usually at one of the airports: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana or Antalya. The stopover usually lasts about an hour and most of the times passengers are not normally required to change aircraft. However if you fly with other than Cyprus-Turkish Airlines, the stopover might last more then a few hours. When traveling with Turkish Airlines there is almost always a change of aircraft and sometimes a stopover at Istanbul Airport. Passengers are required to wait in the transit lounge and obtain a boarding pass of their ongoing flight to Northern Cyprus.

If you don’t wish to travel with other than Cyprus-Turkish Airlines or Turkish Airlines, you can book a flight with your favorite airways to Turkey and continue your flight with Cyprus-Turkish Airlines or Turkish Airlines from airport in Turkey to Eracan Airport. Some airlines provide you with a hotel where you can spend time while waiting for your flight to North Cyprus.

If you are traveling from Turkey directly, it is the easiest way and you can choose from number of scheduled flights from Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Adana and Antalya. On weekends and public holidays there are charter flights available. The flight time between North Cyprus and main airports of Turkey is only sixty to ninety minutes.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines and Turkish Airlines provide an important network from international airports all over the Europe to Ercan Airport via Turkey. More information, timetable, reservation, prices and other inquiries can be made at the websites or the offices of the above mentioned airlines and also from the travel agents and foreign representatives. The airlines to Northern Cyprus all provide you with an e-commerce. You can make an online reservation of your flight, choose the most convenient time and reach Northern Cyprus in a short time.

The international Ercan airport provide the passengers with the information services, the passenger facilities as well as duty free shops. Before reaching your destination check the weather forecast for North Cyprus. If you need to hire a car or book a hotel you can do so online or at the airport.

Larnaca Airport

North Cyprus can be reached from the South part of the island via Larnaca airport. If you are an European Union citizen and you do not wish to come to Northern Cyprus via Turkey, you can choose from a number of flights arriving to Larnaca airport in South part of the Cyprus island.

The flights form European counties to Larnaca are usually direct flights. There are about 20 airways serving Larnaca airport from all over the world. If you are an EU citizen you are not required visa for Cyprus, including Northern Cyprus. You can reach the checkpoint between the South part and North part in 30-40 minutes. If you need to hire a car, there are car hire companies at the Larnaca airport or if you wish to rent a car in the North Cyprus you can do so using one of the rent a car companies. Even though The cars of Northern Cyprus car hire companies are not allowed to cross the checkpoint to the South part, however most of the companies provide this service.

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