North Cyprus
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Buying a Land in North Cyprus

Beginning Your Search for land

  • Before visiting any Estate Agent in Northern Cyprus, be sure what your requirements for land are and what you are most interested in.
  • Visit as many North Cyprus agencies as you can in one day and see what land is available.
  • Take a notebook and make notes during each visit.
  • Resist any initial offers to be taken to visit land properties. Go and visit it yourself if the location in North Cyprus is easy enough to find.
  • Spend some time that evening working out where you want to go the next day. In the morning phone the estate agents and book appointments to view the land property.
  • With each appointment make it clear that you only have an hour before you need to be elsewhere so you have time to visit other land properties in Northern Cyprus.
  • Keep viewing for another couple of days.
  • If you have managed to find a few favourites by now, start to negotiate by asking for extras and reducing the asking price.
  • Make a decision and discuss it with your legal advisor.

Buying Land and Building to your own Design

Most land that has not been built on and comes up for sale in North Cyprus is previously Greek Cypriot owned land. Original Turkish title land carries a higher premium.

Buying land in North Cyprus with the aim to build your own design can be very rewarding if you have the time, patience and ambition.

Most land that is not green or preservation land can be built on for residential purposes. However, there are certain building restrictions enforced by the North Cypru law that mean you cannot build too close to the sea.

You can either drive around looking for land yourself, or some agencies will make this type of enquiry for you. It is possible to ask a special agent to work with you to either find or negotiate land purchase on your behalf.

Which ever way you go about this you will still need to obtain permission to own the North Cyprus land which will take time.

It would be very wise to seek advice from a qualified architect and also an engineer about the suitability of the land for building before you proceed with the purchase of land for this purpose. Always seek legal advice before closing any deal on land, to in sure that you are protected by the local and if possible International or EU law.

Building to your own design

Many established builders in Northern Cyprus will consider working with you. It may be that they have a design that can be adapted to meet your needs. Some building companies will also have plots that they own that are available for a new project. Both these possibilities could reduce overall costs and project timescales.

If you want something designed more to your own requirements, then it is worth speaking to architects and property building companies to explore what is possible and to understand all the implications.

It is a good idea to employ our own independent architect if you want to maintain ownership of the property project and remain in complete control of what is going on at all times.

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