North Cyprus
Today is Thursday, 2nd December 2021

Types Of Banks in North Cyprus

Public Banks

Public banks de facto provide state guarantee, however, many of the public banks in North Cyprus were transformed into private banks. These days only one public bank can be found in the TRNC

Private Banks

During the 1980s, most private banks in Turkey engaged in trade financing or in sales of state bonds because investment activity was depressed. By 1986 private-bank balance sheets in Turkey began to improve and so improved the position of private banks in North Cyprus . Having developed a new banking system, significant number of them is nowadays in operation.

Foreign Banks and Branches

Before 1980 there were only four foreign banks in Turkey, but their numbers grew rapidly during the 1980s as the government liberalized conditions. Political and social conditions allowed transferring the capital from abroad, and the path for foreign banks investment started to expand both in Turkey, and subsequently in Northern Cyprus which took place after independence in 1983 and far later on. In North Cyprus a primary foreign bank branch that is widely known and familiar with mainly British expatriates today is undoubtedly the HSBC bank.

Development and Investment Banks

Development and investment banks may not accept deposits. By the end of 1998 in Turkey there were 15 development and investment banks. In North Cyprus there exists one.

Banks under savings deposit insurance fund(S.D.I.F)

The Savings Deposits Insurance Fund (SDIF) was formerly under the authority of the Central Bank. Later it began to operate under the administration of the BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) which had financial and administrative autonomy. However, in 2003 the management of both BRSA and SDFI split and started to work as separate units. Following are the SDIIF banks in Northern Cyprus .

Off-Shore Banks

Off-shore banks offer private and corporate international banking services, like internet banking, business transactions and debit cards. They provide quick and easy access to the funds of residents outside the TRNC and meet the standards of security.

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