North Cyprus
Today is Friday, 12th August 2022

North Cyprus Famagusta

Land Gate (Ravelin)

It is one of the two original gates to enter the city. Its original name was 'Ravelin' which means 'the demilune lunette - or the bastion in the shape of a crescent'. The Land Gate is the second oldest part of the walls after the Othello tower. The bridge used today to enter the city is new; before it was constructed, entrance to the city would be through a cannon emplacement at the side of the gate. The original gate with a drawbridge was to the left of the entrance used today. On the front facing the city is an arched passageway. On either side of the passageway there are frescoes, insignias and a small church. As a result of excavations made here passageways, cannon emplacements and interesting sections and galleries have been uncovered. On the city front of the arched passageway, underground chambers used as dungeons in the Venetian period have been discovered.


Famagusta Historical Places

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