North Cyprus
Today is Saturday, 23rd September 2023
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Mr by Thomas Anderson (2010-10-28)
A lovely place I fell in love with it and decided to make it my home, I do agree about the rubbish on the shoreline but it is mostly washed up from other shores and is a logistical nightmare for the local councils to deal with, for those of you who want up to date info on the East of the Island where I live the web forum is a good starting point.
Traditional Cypriot Foods by Martin (2009-11-09)
Whilst taking a Sunday drive out to the lighthouse on the western point, we came upon this quaint little cafe called Golya. We stopped for some drinks and to soak up the sunshine, tranquil atmosphere and a cold Efes. What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We noticed the owner going backwards and forwards to the clay oven, so we decided to ask what he was doing. To find out it was Kleftico cooked the traditional way. We weren't hungry, but asked if we could have a take away, which we were lucky as they had 3 extra portions (normally you have to book on the Saturday). When we finally left and arrived home for our dinner we found the Kleftico absolutley mouth watering and recommend it to be probably the best on the island. If you want a drive out with a difference take the coast road west onto Kayalar then to Sadrazamkoy through the village down to Golya. Fully recommended and worth at least one visit to experience the tranquilaty and stunning veiws. If you wish to have Kleftico call Mazhur on 0533 860 3934
Holiday in North Cyprus by Jill (2009-06-07)
I hve just returned from north cyprus, we had a super holiday. I do believe the biggest problem is the litter along the coastline. We love to swim and sun bathe on the beach. Unfortunately there were few places which we felt we could swim without the huge amount of waste. Non of the bins were empty on the beaches. We stopped in a small cove area where there was a single size mattress dumped to rot. I feel that if you want to keep attracting tourism and make families return this is something which seriously needs addressing. I know litter does get washed up with the tide but much of the rubbish was obviously tipped. builders materials etc. We visited one of the turtle coves on the kyrenian side of the coast right near the top of the island an exotic white sand location, but I couldn\'t stay there it made me feel quite sick to see and also the danger plastic bags, bottles etc will cause to the turtles. I will return because it was such a lovely holiday but in a couple of years hoping that the problem is addressed.
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