North Cyprus
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Sports in North Cyprus

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not recognized by many other countries and is not a member of the Olympic Committee. In addition to this, the Greek Cypriots have imposed an embargo on many sporting venues and events. Accordingly, although a lot of countries break the embargo, it makes international competition impossible for North Cyprus.'

Despite this, sport in North Cyprus has made great progress over the last 10 years. Facilities remain under funded although big improvements have been made.

There are about 140 sporting clubs, 14 national sporting federations with about 15,000 registered athletes and players.

One of the 10 Ministeries in the TRNC is The Sports and Youth Ministry. Major national stadiums and indoor games halls are under the control of the Ministry; the national stadium in Nicosia is on Olympic Standards and it has a capacity of 20,000. There are also major stadiums and in the main towns with 2,000 to 5,000 capacities.

Paintball Paintball

In less than a decade, the sport of paintball has become one of the world's most exciting outdoor participation sports. Paintball is played in over two dozen countries by millions of men and women of all ages, races and lifestyles.

North Cyprus, Camping Camping

There are several official camping sites in the kyrenia and famagusta areas which offer services such as washrooms, toilets, restaurants, bars, etc. However the more intrepid visitor may wish to venture out into the wild where there are no such facilities. There are no restrictions on such activities except that lighting fires in forest areas is an offence.

North Cyprus, Scuba Diving Scuba Diving

Welcome to the fascinating and unique underwater world of North Cyprus, where you can enjoy one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean.

North Cyprus, Go-Karting Go-Karting

The ZET International Karting Circuit, which exceeds the highest European standards and has one of the best racing surfaces in the region, has become a frequent stop for the fans of the sport since its opening on the 20th of May 2000.

North Cyprus, Horse Riding Horse Riding

Currently there are three riding clubs offering tours and training.


North Cyprus, Nicosia Bowling


There is one bowling gallery in Nicosia, Tel 223 2388.


North Cyprus, Hunting Hunting

Hunting is a popular Turkish Cypriot male hobby. The season runs from October to February and is limited to Sundays only. The goverment stricly controls hunting areas, and hunters must be licensed. The most popular prey for hunters are partride, wood pigeon and hare.


Yacht and boat tours are available throughout the summer from Girne Harbour. There are many vendors, so take time to find a suitable service. Many are full day excursions and include swimming, fishing and barbeques. There are also tours which depart from the port in Gazi Magusa and sail along the Karpaz Peninsula.

Yachting in North Cyprus

North Cyprus, Fishing Fishing

If you happen to walk along the Old Harbor in Kyrenia, you will be amazed by a panorama of fishing boats making a long wavy line all along. Fishing has traditionally been a feature of this area and the eastern part of the harbor has remained the area for local and foreign residents to moor their boats there.

North Cyprus, Water Park Water Parks

For those who love excitement and enjoyment of cool fun and splash of water, there is, however, a number of water parks in Northern Cyprus mostly included in hotel complexes.

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