North Cyprus
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Choosing Property Location in Northern Cyprus

The wrong choice of location of your property is one of the most common and significant causes of dissatisfaction amongst foreign property buyers.

There are many important aspects to finding a locatin for your property in North Cyprus:

In which general area of Northern Cyprus are you most interested in buying?
Currently areas along the North coast adjacent to the Besparmak mountain range, both East and West of Kyrenia (Girne) are proving to be most popular. Along with the South coast, North of Famagusta.
However, there is no reason for you to confine your search to these areas alone.
Only by spending time will you develop a good knowledge of what is available and the characteristics of different areas in Northern Cyprus.

You need to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of different locations for your property in TRNC. Some of these may not be initially obvious such as water supply and nearby land that may be built upon.

So invest as much time as you can in leg-work and exercise your communication skills. Consult widely within the local North Cyprus community and always consider the future construction of other properties in the area around the North Cypru property you are looking at.

You need to consider what is important to you in terms of specific location for the property such as local amenities and distance to beach etc.

Transport is another thing to think about in TRNC. Some people prefer the more remote spots, but only if you are comfortable with driving through narrow and windy roads of Northern Cyprus.

If you want to live in a peaceful location of the island it is probably wiser to move into an already established residential area rather than somewhere that is about to be turned into one with noisy construction work.

It is wise to think carefully about your geographical surroundings. Being close to the sea can mean a damper atmosphere as well as higher winds. If you are higher up the mountains it is often much colder in the winter months due to the low sun horizon.

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