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Today is Saturday, 23rd September 2023

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Turtle Watching

Turtle Watching Since 1992, Marine Turtle Research roup, in conjunction with the Society for the Protection of Turtles in Northern Cyprus and the Department for Environmental Protection, has been undertaking an annual survey, recording the turtles activity during the summer months.

In the company of the team at Alagadi Beach (30 minutes drive from kyrenia) you can share this unique event.

Just before sunset you join the students at their base, "The Goat Shed" at Alagadi. First you are given information about the turles and the project, and then, when darkness falls, you will be taken down to one of the two Alagadi bays. There you will wait while the students survey the beaches. As soon as a female has begun to lay, you are, in slience, allowed to approach the nesting place. (No photoflashes are allowed at this impartant time.)

And there, before your eyes, you can witness this one hundred million year old wonder, as soon after the other these mother-of-pearl shimmering eggs, the size of table tennis balls, are dropped into the nest cavity.

On a lucky night you will be able to experienceNorth Cyprus - Turtle Watching this unique happening several times before you return to your hotel, tired but happy.

Incubation is indeed not by the female turtles but by the warmth of the Cyprus sunshine. After about 50 days the small hatchlings begin to emerge from the surface of their sandy nests.

This is another fantastic experience that takes place in some forty nesting beaches around Northern Cyprus.

All are welcome to participate in this event as well to witness up to a hundred of these amazing little creatures, not more than 6-7 cm long, fight their way from the nest down to the sea, is an unforgettable sight. It is sad fact that only one in thousand survive. Even less would survive if it was not for the special conversation project taking place here in North Cyprus concerning this endangered species.

We feel it is our responsibility to help these creatures to survive and to be able to continue, without threat to their nesting grounds, to visit our island. This has been their home much longer than it has been ours.

The best times to observe the nesting is at the end of June and beginning of July. To observe the hatching is the best during end of August and beginning of September.

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